Microsoft Surface PixelSense ‘Coffee Table’ Hands On

This is the original Microsoft Surface. It’s not a tablet, but rather a table. Subscribe to our Youtube channel:

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13 thoughts on “Microsoft Surface PixelSense ‘Coffee Table’ Hands On

  • i have one of these and am trying to do this myself could you share your multi touch vista package you used i'm getting errors trying to build it myself

  • i just bought a samsung sur40 (the surface 2.0) table. i installed windows 10 on it but the touchscreen function doesnt work. do you know how to fix this?

  • Some weird memory bug in my brain had me believing, for the longest time, that I first heard of the Surface project during my time in Europe, I could swear remembering my stepfather showing it to me and telling me about it at home and watching the demos – but I left Europe in 1999. Such a mindf*ck.

  • IIRC PixelSense was only the second generation where their were IR emitters and readers behind every pixel in the screen. The table in this video used IR cameras along the edge of the screen.

  • I worked at a software consulting company that built apps for clients for this Surface table back in the day. Brings back good memories! Thanks! (I came across your video because i'm recording an employment history video and I was really surprised to see a Surface table vid that was just published 3 days ago!)

  • I saw one of these at my University campus library back in 2009 – 2013. It was cool to interact with it, but wasn't really that amazing IMO. It was merely put there for display, no special uses of it through-out that period…

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