InfoComm 2010 – 72inch Thru Glass Touch Screen and Film.wmv

InfoComm 2010 – 72inch Thru Glass Touch Screen and Film.
Everything was installed on the show floor – The glass was purchased at a local glass shop, the touch screen and projection film were applied in a few minuets; then all there was to do was to connect the USB cable to the computer…..calibrate and we were up and running.
If you are interested in transforming your marketing efforts we are willing to show you how help other business’s and it will work for your business too!!

Any piece of Glass become Instant Attraction with the Screen Solutions Line of Projection Films. Within minuets you can transform any piece of standard glass into an digital interactive display; combine our projection surfaces with an interactive touch screen and turn typical digital signage into interactive digital signage.
Every piece of glass, every window in the marketplace has the ability to be transforming and revolutionizing the way you do business and your marketing return.
Get Noticed

When engaging the shopper of today realize that experience is a key component of most any purchase, and the need to rise above the competition is ever increasing when more than 3,000 ad impression on average are being presented to consumers each and every day.
Stand out

Retail stores from the giant chains to local homegrown stores need to attract attention to their products, services and sales. With interactive window posters you will stand out with full motion graphics and ads in a world of static posters and banners, projection film in window Interaction.

Consumers love to interact, just look at social media, picture mail and texting. Be a step ahead and turn static windows and posters to digital posters and interactive signage, connect and reach people on current platforms. With our touch screens and projection films you can turn any window or display interactive with ease.

To turn an average consumer into a client you must catch their attention and engage them. Mall or strip mall retail establishments would promote the current specials, new products, exclusive window opportunities only found on the storefront glass that generates attention and foot traffic to the store.

Screen Solutions offering the best in thru-glass touch technology – Interactive thru-glass foils, films, IR Bezels, Multi Touch and integrated solutions.

Imagine a flexible touch screen that can be made to any size between 30” and 116” and attached to any non-metallic surface. Screen Solutions offers the Interactive Foils to dealers and integrators at wholesale pricing as well as information and technical support

touch screen – thu-glass touch foil Interactive Foils is simple to integrate with a wide range of display technologies such as LCD, Rear Projection, Tabletop, through window, and kiosks, and with the level of the product’s flexibility, the range of touch interactive applications is only limited by your imagination.
touch screen – touch foils. We supply touch foils to dealers, system integrators and digital signage partners to ensure that the Interactive Foils contributes to providing interactive display solutions in worldwide areas of Retail, Business, Entertainment, Exhibition and many other Digital Out of Home environments, whether it’s advertising new products, displaying interactive wayfinders in shopping centres, or digitally offering a welcome to clients.
Interactive Made Easy!
Touch Screen Foils for thru-window and through glass touch applications

touch screen – glass touch screenThe world market for touch screens is growing by leaps and bounds daily and is evident anytime you turn on your TV or go to a high end trade show, Drawing attention to your business or display is now easier than ever with projection films and touch screens. Turn your standard windows or displays into information gathering and educational displays that will empower consumers and turn them from prospects to clients, These Interactive foils have no external components so the installation is completely safe and vandal proof.

The lightweight Touch Screen Foil can be applied directly to any existing window or a glass sheet with a rear projection screen or LCD TV positioned from behind. This creates an interactive touch surface through any glass or acrylic. These Interactive foils can be mounted to the glass using either a permanent or a removable method.

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