Compare Capacitive with Resistive Screen on Tablet Computer

On left is Zenithink ZT-180 (resistive), on right is Samsung Galaxy Tab (capacitive). The ZT-180 is running Froyo, the Galaxy Tab is running Gingerbread which makes it more responsive. The basic point I’m trying to make is that while the capacitive is superior (and this is inferred multiple times in this video), the resistive Screen is not as bad as people make it out to be and is quite usable.

As for the stylus, I did purchase a stylus for capacitive screens and they do not work well. It would not make any difference for the purposes of this video, the capacitive screen shines when you use the pad of your finger, and any other stylus (capacitive or not) will not work well with a capacitive screen.

A basic plastic or ceramic stylus, however, will work well with a resistive screen, which actually makes it a bit more flexible in terms of use. However, make no mistake, resistive screens feel cheap when compared to capacitive screens.

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