Battleborn vs Paladins vs Overwatch – Which one should you buy?!

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“Overwatch Copied Paladins”

I’ve seen a lot of misconceptions about all three of these games (Overwatch, Battleborn, Paladins) since they’ve started getting more videos, so I wanted to make a video about them.

Even though all three of these games are so-called “Hero Shooters” and they all look somewhat alike, they’re all actually very different in a number of ways.

So who will get your money? Hi-Rez Studios? Blizzard Entertainment? or will it be Gearbox Software?

The Story of Overwatch (Danny O’Dwyer’s editorial on Gamespot’s channel):

Check out Raynday Gaming’s video for a different perspective on Paladins:
Check out TotalBiscuit’s video objectively comparing Battleborn and Overwatch:

Glassdoor reviews of Hi-Rez Studios:

Airport Lounge by Kevin MacLeod (
No Good Layabout by Kevin MacLeod (
Paladins menu music
Overwatch: Trailer Theme Remix by Rob Platt:

Learn more about Paladins:
Learn more about Battleborn:
Learn more about Overwatch:
Learn more about Newgrounds:

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13 thoughts on “Battleborn vs Paladins vs Overwatch – Which one should you buy?!

  • Why is Overwatch the best out of the three, you ask?

    Jeff. It is because Blizzard and Overwatch have Jeff.

  • i have 600+ hours in paladins
    around 20 hours in overwatch.

    I think Overwatch is somewhat better, it has much better characters. The ultimates feel rewarding and the lore is kinda sweet as well.
    But paladins is also fun, the customizable techniques make it a new genre. It is extreamly fun. You can be a flank as a tank (even tho the tanks are designed to sit on the point).
    Paladins also has endless updates so you never get bored.

    I think Overwatch is much more fun if your alone gamer if your playing with friends i suggest paladins.

  • i was gonna like but i began to think how biased you were against the other games(especially paladins). You mentioned nothing but positives for the 2 other games, and went all out negative on paladins, even though in some aspects it is still fun and addictive. Stop being biased and speak from both sides, that way everyone can enjoy the video.

  • I really like Overwatch because it's in the future and the lore is a tiny bit of our soon to be future, the Omnic Crisis/A.I. taking over.

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