Touch Taiwan 2012:奇菱展出現場最大109吋多點光學觸控電視牆

此影片由材料世界網提供,展示Touch Taiwan 2012(觸控面板暨光學膜製程、設備、材料展覽會)現場所發表的最新技術與應用。欲瞭解更詳細Touch Taiwan 2012研討會內容的讀者,可參閱Touch Discover A Lot More

LifeSize Touch – Rear Projection Touch Screen Through Clear Acrylic (or Glass)

This is a 70″ diagonal, rear projection screen with interactive touch screen layer. This installation was used in an exhibition stand to power a sales presentation app, then switching to Angry Birds for customer engagement/ice breaker. The installation Discover A Lot More