SmartBoard vs. Promethean Interactive white Board (software review comparison) Pros and cons

We finally answer the age old question, what is the difference between Smart board and Promethean Activboard. While there are some physical differences, it really comes down to software. So watch as we compare Smart’s Notebook software and Promethean’s Discover A Lot More

Informatics alumni Cyrus Hall – Senior Software Engineer at Twitch

Come disse Edsger W. Dijkstra, il vincitore del Turing Award (il “premio Nobel dell’informatica”): “L’informatica riguarda i computer esattamente quanto l’astronomia riguarda i telescopi”. Se il vostro lavoro dei sogni consiste in acquistare, installare Discover A Lot More

Apple’s software engineering chief tells us why there’s no touchscreen Mac (CNET News)

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