World first -Mirrored Windows glass boosted facade solar PV of building integrated solar PV

The Balkan Academy of Innovation combines inventions, “know-how” and advanced technologies for sustainable development with international and community partnerships to ignite an innovative mindset within the individual and society. We operate Discover A Lot More

The Guild Wars 2 Heart of Thorns Review | How Did the First Expansion Actually Go?

Almost two years down the line, I’d like to take a moment (or many) to sum up exactly how this expansion went. Masteries, Elite Specialisations, Adventures, and more. This is the big HoT review. Playlist: ♦To Discover A Lot More

AR Tale : first augmented reality game with optical see through glasses version with soundtrack

“AR Tale”is the first video game with Augmented Reality (AR) optical see through glasses. Version with soundtrack Through the AR glasses, a magic world appears on a table. Fairies live a happy life around the Tree of Life. But this tranquility is Discover A Lot More