Live Online Harmonica Classes!
Join me every week where I’ll be offering up live interactive harmonica classes. All levels welcome. Check out the link up top for more info or to sign up. See ya in class!

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8 thoughts on “Live Online Harmonica Classes!

  • I take that into consideration when scheduling. I can't always make everyone happy but there should be at least a few live classes that work for your schedule. I also allow members to suggest a days and times that work for you so I can include some live classes that work for you.

  • Do you have anything for a 24 hole harp? I am a blind person who just picked up the harp feeling that I could entertain myself and learn something new.

  • please email for your best days and times and I'll add in classes now and again that work for you.

  • Fantastic idea about interactive lessons Ronnie. And multiple time schedules will assist many. Do you know what time schedules you would be looking at? I'm in Australia, Melbourne. Just wondering if time frame would suit for interactive lessons, or if I'd only be able to watch archived videos. Once again great idea, and love watching your videos.

  • I wish there was possibility that one month you do "euro time zone" version of this, I would gladly sign up , but now most of the classes are really late at night, and playing harp in 2-3h in the morning is not the smartest thing to do in most houses/neighborhoods

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