LaserTouch Portable Projector:transforms any surface into finger activated touchscreen

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1.Employs Lasertouch patented technology to turn any surface into a finger touchscreen — awarded 7 patents.
2.Supports one-key auto-correct and auto-calibration.
3.Includes built-in Android 4.4 OS, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, 32GB storage, built-in speakers, and 13,600mAh rechargeable battery.
4.Can also be used as a tablet PC.
5.Comes with an E-pen stylus, remote and pointer.
6.Works as an interactive whiteboard.
7.Supports 4K video, Miracast, and Airplay.
8.Supports 3D movies and 3D holographic projection.
9.Lifetime of over 30,000 hours of use.
10.Features 2 Modes:
Desktop projection touch mode: use as a tablet PC, but with no harm to eyesight.
Wall projection mode: use as interactive whiteboard with finger activated or included e-pen stylus touchscreen.

For Business Meetings/Advertising:
1.No need for computers or cables, Lazertouch works as tablet PC.
2.For presentations and meetings: instant quick push-to-start mode with no need for calibration.
3.Supports Miracast and Airplay so smartphone and tablet presentations and information can be displayed in a large screen.
4.Writes smoothly with the included stylus.
5.Includes ports for HDMI, headphones, USB, and Micro SD.
6.Supports 3D projection.
7.Allows note-taking within PowerPoint and other apps.
8.Supports Interactive advertising.
For Educational Use:
1.For use with small training courses (best for around 20 people).
2.Works as an interactive whiteboard for classes.
For Home Use:
1.Work as a tablet PC: children and adults can play games, safely play musical instruments without damaging the tablet or other device, and watch movies with no harm to eyesight.
2.In-wall projection mode: video games can be played at home projected on any wall.
3.Virtual Reality: allows VR effects when in large-screen mode, for immersive movies and games.
4.Connects to smartphones or tablets wirelessly via Airplay or Miracast.
5.Compatible with 3D movies.
6.Supports 4K HD.
7.Supports Android apps, movies, and games.

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7 thoughts on “LaserTouch Portable Projector:transforms any surface into finger activated touchscreen

  • If you really want a nice projector, get the celluon picobit, or wait for CES 2017 and lets see what new projectors & tech will come out. The ZTE Spro Plus is nice too, but it never came out. Hopefully CES 2017 will show an updated version.

  • ah, don't buy it. It's a piece of crap. I got one and so do 2 other people have it. The all died. I had to go through hell with the company and this projector. Mine and another guy's projector died within 2 days. The third person's projector also died too. Company's girl wouldn't respond to his email. It seems like a nice projector, but with serious flaws. Stay away from !!!

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