Interactive IKEA LED Table based on Arduino

This is construction and demostration video of my interactive LED table based on Arduino Mega. LED display was constructed from pegboard, white glass plate, aluminium profiles and 100 pieces of RGB WS2812B addressable leds.
Remote controller was fully printed on 3D printer and is based on Arduino Pro Mini. Wireless communication between table and controller is based on HC-05 bluetooth modules.

Main menu of this table is divided into 9 sections:
1. Rainbow animation
2. Animations from Fastled library
3. Stars animation
4. VU Meter
5. DIce for games
6. Tetris game
7. Snake game
8. Pong game
9. Bricks game

Special thanks to Klaas De Craemer for basic code from his table which I modified and extend for my purposes.

If you want to build IKEA LED Table, you can downolad souce codes at:

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