faytech IP65 High Brightness & Standard Touchscreen PC Roof Test

On a very hot day (as can be seen from the stains on Arne’s T-shirt), faytech decided to test it’s standard and IP65 High Brightness devices in direct bright sunlight.

As you will see the picture on the 12.1” IP65 Resistive High Brightness Touch Monitor and 42” Capacitive IP65 High Brightness touchscreen PC, is much clearer than that in the 15” standard touchscreen PC and 21.5” standard touchscreen PC, allowing it to be used outdoors or in an environment with heavy sunlight.

The IP65 High Brightness solution is excellent for using outdoors as it is water, mud- and dustproof, with excellent visibility and a clear picture.

Products shown in the video:

15” Resistive Touch PC – FT15N2807W4G64GFLAT
12.1” Resistive IP65 High Brightness Touch Monitor – FT121TMIP65
21.5” Resistive Touch PC – FT215N2807W2G64G
42” Capacitive IP65 High Brightness Touch PC

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