Check, Please! Bay Area Reviews Restaurants Serving Down-Home Comfort Food

Check, Please! Bay Area reviews Old Skool Cafe (San Francisco), Brown Sugar Kitchen (Oakland) and Green Chile Kitchen (San Francisco and San Rafael). This episode 17 is from Season 11.

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2 thoughts on “Check, Please! Bay Area Reviews Restaurants Serving Down-Home Comfort Food

  • This was a wonderful episode. Green Chile Kitchen is really close to one of my jobs and it is a tasty place. It does get crowded though, so they were right about that part. No other New Mexican place I know of in SF though, so it's there when you're craving green chile.

  • I worked for Tanya, owner of Brown Sugar Kitchen. And she is, or at least was, not as nice of a person as she portrays when there is a camera on her. She would come in, speak to certain individuals, and walk right past me like I didn't exist. A daily occurrence. On another occasion, I heard her tell another employee to tell me to "get my ass out of here". Another time right outside of the restaraunt, I waived to her (right in front of her) and she just looked away and kept walking. She has a lot of deep seeded anger and frustration she likes to take out on other people. A horrible person to work for. Full of games and pettiness. But she'll surely smile in your face when that cash is flowing. This video of that fake and forced smile makes me want to vomit. I've seen the REAL Tanya and she is a monster.

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