10 Worst Companies

12 worst corporate companies to work for 2015 viewmixed. Worst us retail companies to work for the balance. Shows 10 of the worst companies to work for, and they’re all in connecticut 9 jan 2013 latter, it makes ‘hall shame’ as one rated. 10 of the Discover A Lot More

Vendo smart interactive vending glass front machine @ Venditalia 2012, designed by Intui Sense

If you think touchscreen vending machines are smart, then take a look at this brand new Vendo G-Drink where the glass front itself has become interactive with Intui Sense gesture recognition intelligent system. A special functionality enables disabled Discover A Lot More

$50K, All the Way!

Dissatisfied with the Nationwide Callout results Big Chief hosts an epic Cash Days 32 cars competing for K. Daddy Dave & The Sonoma, Kye Kelly with the NOLA crew & the OKC’s fastest racers bring the heat. Who will be crowned “the fastest in the nation? Discover A Lot More